How to protect your family & assets without unnecessary stress!


This 60-Minute training is for you if:
  • You Want To Learn The Critical Consequences Of Not Having An Estate Plan!
  • Discover simple steps to avoid the most common estate planning pitfalls.
  • Want A Clear Guide of What The Right Plan Should Cost, and How Our Estate Planning Process is Different Than Most Firms, So You Know Your Options!
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Meet The Presenter-Jacklyn Truppa!

Jacklyn Truppa is the owner and managing partner of Dynasty Law, LLC. She takes great pride in ensuring your family's future is worry-free with a unique approach to estate planning. Dynasty Law offers flat fees, along with continuous support and view planning as an ongoing relationship.

Pass on a legacy of love and keep your family out of court and conflict. Save Your Seat NOW for peace of mind during life's journey. Together, we protect what matters most to you!